Oil and petrol separators

Oil and petrol separators are used to separate oil, petrol and solid particles from waste water. Oil and petrol separators minimize the supply of mineral oils in sewers and purification facilities. Oil and petrol separators are established i.a. at service stations, mechanics, oil repositories, and carwashes.

The separation is based on the gravity principle and the different properties of solubility for water, oil, and petrol. Due to the insolubility of oil and petrol in water, oil and petrol will stay on top of the waste water in the separator, after which the oil and petrol phase can be disposed. Oil and petrol separators protect the environment from contamination of waste water.

Contaminated waste water is led into the chamber of the separator. Inside the separator, the velocity of waste water is slowed down, allowing oil and petrol to rise to the water surface and heavy particles to sink. The separated sewage water will be led through the outlet to the sewage system.

Tunetanken oil- and petrol separators are produced in fiber-reinforced composite, which is a material with low density that makes it easy to establish the separator. The material is very robust, tear-free as well as chemical and corrosion resistant.

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  • Robust and tear-free.
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Large program adjustable to different purposes and requirements.
  • Long life-cycle.
  • Fully moulded and strong construction.
  • Constructed in accordance with the European standard DS/EN 858-1.
  • CE approved.
  • Can be delivered in customised measurements.
  • Can be further reinforced to withstand heavy traffic loads.
  • Can be further reinforced to withstand ground water pressure.
  • Discharge alarm.
  • Automatic floating gate.
  • Sample well.
  • Seal-proof cover.
  • Integrated sludge trap.
  • Integrated swamp pump.
  • Sludge trap well.


CapacityDiameterTypesHeightPipe attachmentMaterial
1 l/sek.750 mmSP-OU 11800 mmØ110 mmComposite
3 l/sek.900 mmSP-OU 32140 mmØ110 mmComposite
6 l/sek.1250 mmSP-OU 61940 mmØ110 mmComposite
8 l/sek.1500 mmSP-OU 82040 mmØ160 mmComposite
10 l/sek.1600 mmSP-OU 102200 mmØ160 mmComposite
12 l/sek.1750 mmSP-OU 122190 mmØ200 mmComposite
15 l/sek.2000 mmSP-OU 152190 mmØ200 mmComposite
20 l/sek.2300 mmSP-OU 202240 mmØ200 mmComposite
24 l/sek.2500 mmSP-OU 242240 mmØ250 mmComposite
30 l/sek.2800 mmSP-OU 302900 mmØ250 mmComposite
35 l/sek.3000 mmSP-OU 352800 mmØ250 mmComposite
48 l/sek.3500 mmSP-OU 482800 mmØ300 mmComposite
62 l/sek.4000 mmSP-OU 623000 mmØ300 mmComposite
79 l/sek.4500 mmSP-OU 793000 mmØ300 mmComposite
100 l/sek.5000 mmSP-OU 1005600 mmØ300 mmComposite

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