Contractor’s Pumps HS

Contractor’s Pumps HS are small and robust pumps that are used for challenging tasks such as pumping sand, mud and sludge. The Contractor’s Pumps HS have wide ranges of applications and can be used whereever water must be relocated.

The pump housing is manufactured in a special alloy cast iron that is very resistant toward tear and at the same time can endure a high flow-through rate. The impeller is of the type Torque Flow and is manufactured in polyurethan.

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  • Small and robust contractor’s pump.
  • Removal of liquids containing sand, mud or sludge.
  • Endures high flow-through rates.
  • Resistant to tear.
  • Pump housing in special alloy cast iron.
  • Torque flow impeller in polyurethan.
  • Bottom with 7 holes.


TypesCapacityHead max.VoltageOutletWeight
HS 2.4S205 l/min.12 m230 V0,5/Ø5010 kg
HS 3.75S330 l/min.18 m230 V1/Ø8019 kg

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