Contractor’s Pumps KTV

Contractor’s Pumps KTV are light-weight pumps/sand pumps that are used to pump sludge- and sand-filled water. The contractor’s pumps are often used in construction- and installation work, tunnel constructions and other demanding tasks.

Contractor’s Pumps KTV are equipped with thermal motor protection, pump housing in fully moulded rubber and impeller in polyurethan. The contractor’s pumps are constructed to be highly efficient and have great resistance toward abrasive materials in the water.

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  • Robust pump with low weight.
  • Easy inspection of the pump.
  • High capacity.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Wide range of applications.
  • Pumping house in fully moulded rubber.
  • Impeller in polyurethan.
  • Motor casing in aluminium.
  • Outlet studs in the top.


TypesCapacityHead max.VoltageOutletWeight
2-8320 l/min.15 m400 V1/Ø5011,5 kg
2-15425 l/min.20 m400 V2/Ø5019,5 kg
2-22525 l/min.24 m400 V3/Ø5023 kg
2-37H500 l/min.34 m400 V5/Ø5035 kg
2-37825 l/min.26 m400 V5/Ø8035 kg
2-50425 l/min.20 m400 V2,6/Ø5024 kg
2-55975 l/min.35 m400 V7,3/Ø8046,5 kg
2-80725 l/min.23 m400 V4/Ø8037 kg

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