Dosage tanks for chemicals

Tunetanken Dosage Tanks for Chemicals are produced in composite material, a robust and corrosion-free material that is resistant to corrosion and chemicals.


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  • Chemical resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Long life-cycle.


2500 mm35000 liter7500 mmKomposit
2500 mm40000 liter9200 mmKomposit
2800 mm40000 liter7600 mmKomposit
2800 mm45000 liter8450 mmKomposit
2800 mm50000 liter9250 mmKomposit
3000 mm40000 liter6900 mmKomposit
3000 mm45000 liter7600 mmKomposit
3000 mm50000 liter8350 mmKomposit
3000 mm55000 liter9000 mmKomposit
3500 mm50000 liter6600 mmKomposit
3500 mm55000 liter7150 mmKomposit
3500 mm60000 liter7650 mmKomposit
3500 mm65000 liter8200 mmKomposit
3500 mm70000 liter9200 mmKomposit
3500 mm75000 liter9200 mmKomposit
4000 mm80000 liter8000 mmKomposit
4000 mm85000 liter8400 mmKomposit
4000 mm90000 liter8800 mmKomposit
4000 mm95000 liter9200 mmKomposit
4000 mm100000 liter9600 mmKomposit

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