Drainage Pumping Stations with 1 Pump

Drainage Pumping Stations with 1 Pump are designed for drain and ground water, wastewater or grey wastewater.

Drainage Pumping Stations are available with a wide selection of motors in order to meet your requirements.

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  • Type A – Model TT400 with motor options: KP250, 230 V, CC7, 230 V – SXM 2 GT, 230 V.
  • Type B – Model TT600 with motor: DXM 35-5, 230 V.
  • Type C – Model TT1000 with motor: DL50-11.
  • Hinged FRP-cover.
  • TT ventilation.
  • Handle with lock bracket.
  • Sloped bottom with uplift resistance foot.
  • Level pipe for stop/start.
  • Check valve.
  • Cross-member.
  • Lifting chain.
  • Flexible hose with band clamp.
  • Auto-coupling (model C).
  • Guide pipe for fast and easy hoisting of pump (model C).
  • For drainage of groundwater, wastewater or grey wastewater.
  • Large selection of motors to fit your requirements.
  • Groundwater and uplift resistance secured for terrain.


400 mm125 litresType A1000 mmComposite
400 mm185 litresType A1500 mmComposite
400 mm250 litresType A2000 mmComposite
400 mm310 litresType A2500 mmComposite
400 mm370 litresType A3000 mmComposite
400 mm430 litresType A3500 mmComposite
400 mm500 litresType A4000 mmComposite
400 mm560 litresType A4500 mmComposite
400 mm620 litresType A5000 mmComposite
400 mm680 litresType A5500 mmComposite
400 mm750 litresType A6000 mmComposite
600 mm280 litresType B1000 mmComposite
600 mm420 litresType B1500 mmComposite
600 mm500 litresType B2000 mmComposite
600 mm700 litresType B2500 mmComposite
600 mm850 litresType B3000 mmComposite
600 mm990 litresType B3500 mmComposite
600 mm1130 litresType B4000 mmComposite
600 mm1270 litresType B4500 mmComposite
600 mm1420 litresType B5000 mmComposite
600 mm1550 litresType B5500 mmComposite
600 mm1700 litresType B6000 mmComposite
1000 mm1570 litresType C2000 mmComposite
1000 mm1962 litresType C2500 mmComposite
1000 mm2355 litresType C3000 mmComposite
1000 mm2747 litresType C3500 mmComposite
1000 mm3140 litresType C4000 mmComposite
1000 mm3532 litresType C4500 mmComposite
1000 mm3925 litresType C5000 mmComposite
1000 mm4710 litresType C6000 mmComposite

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