Drainage Pumping Stations with 2 Pumps

Drainage Pumping Stations with 2 Pumps are designed for drain and grey wastewater.

Drainage Pumping Stations are equipped with 2 pumps, auto-coupling, guide pipe for fast and easy hoisting of pump, check valve, stop valve, 5 level floats for start/stop, TT FRP cross-member and pressure pipe in stainless steel.

Additional control box t is required for stop/start. Drainage Pumping Stations do not include control box.

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  • Type A – TT800 to be mounted with 2 AP35 Pumps.
  • Type B – TT1250 to be mounted with 2 SL1.50.80.22 Pumps.
  • Groundwater and uplift resistance secured for terrain.
  • Equipped with 2 pumps.
  • FRP cover.
  • TT ventilation.
  • Handle with lock bracket.
  • Sloped bottom with uplift resistance foot.


800 mm2760 litresType A5500 mmComposite
800 mm2500 litresType A5000 mmComposite
800 mm2260 litresType A4500 mmComposite
800 mm2000 litresType A4000 mmComposite
800 mm1760 litresType A3500 mmComposite
800 mm1500 litresType A3000 mmComposite
800 mm1250 litresType A2500 mmComposite
800 mm1000 litresType A2000 mmComposite
800 mm3010 litresType A6000 mmComposite
1250 mm1250 litresType B2000 mmComposite
1250 mm1560 litresType B2500 mmComposite
1250 mm1870 litresType B3000 mmComposite
1250 mm2180 litresType B3500 mmComposite
1250 mm2500 litresType B4000 mmComposite
1250 mm2800 litresType B4500 mmComposite
1250 mm3120 litresType B5000 mmComposite
1250 mm3430 litresType B5500 mmComposite
1250 mm3750 litresType B6000 mmComposite

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