Electric top tapping saddle

For electric welding of PE pipes.

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DiameterStrength class
40x20 mmPN16
40x32 mmPN16
50x20 mmPN16
50x25 mmPN16
50x32 mmPN16
63x20 mmPN16
63x25 mmPN16
63x32 mmPN16
63x40 mmPN16
63x50 mmPN16
63x63 mmPN16
75x32 mmPN16
75x40 mmPN16
75x50 mmPN16
75x63 mmPN16
90x20 mmPN16
90x25 mmPN16
90x32 mmPN16
90x40 mmPN16
90x50 mmPN16
90x63 mmPN16
110x20 mmPN16
110x32 mmPN16
110x40 mmPN16
110x50 mmPN16
110x63 mmPN16
125x20 mmPN16
125x32 mmPN16
125x40 mmPN16
125x50 mmPN16
125x63 mmPN16
140x32 mmPN16
140x40 mmPN16
140x50 mmPN16
140x63 mmPN16
160x20 mmPN16
160x32 mmPN16
160x40 mmPN16
160x50 mmPN16
160x63 mmPN16
180x20 mmPN16
180x32 mmPN16
180x40 mmPN16
180x50 mmPN16
180x63 mmPN16
200x20 mmPN16
200x32 mmPN16
200x40 mmPN16
200x50 mmPN16
200x63 mmPN16
225x20 mmPN16
225x32 mmPN16
225x40 mmPN16
225x50 mmPN16
225x63 mmPN16
250x20 mmPN16
250x32 mmPN16
250x40 mmPN16
250x50 mmPN16
250x63 mmPN16

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