End Caps – Various Models

End Caps – Various Models are designed for gutter channels.

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100.100Basic100 mm63 mm100 mmComposite
100.100Agility100 mm63 mm100 mmComposite
100.100Compact100 mm63 mm100 mmComposite
100.100Top100 mm63 mm100 mmComposite
100.160Basic160 mm63 mm100 mmComposite
100.160Agility160 mm63 mm100 mmComposite
100.160Compact160 mm63 mm100 mmComposite
100.160Top160 mm63 mm100 mmComposite
100.55Basic55 mm40 mm100 mmComposite
100.55Agility55 mm40 mm100 mmComposite
100.55Compact55 mm40 mm100 mmComposite
100.55Top55 mm40 mm100 mmComposite
100.80Basic80 mm63 mm100 mmComposite
100.80Agility80 mm63 mm100 mmComposite
100.80Compact80 mm63 mm100 mmComposite
100.80Top80 mm63 mm100 mmComposite
150.100Basic100 mm63 mm150 mmComposite
150.100Agility100 mm63 mm150 mmComposite
150.100Compact100 mm63 mm150 mmComposite
150.100Top100 mm63 mm150 mmComposite
150.160Basic160 mm110 mm150 mmComposite
150.160Agility160 mm110 mm150 mmComposite
150.160Compact160 mm110 mm150 mmComposite
150.160Top160 mm110 mm150 mmComposite
200.100Basic100 mm63 mm200 mmComposite
200.100Agility100 mm63 mm200 mmComposite
200.100Compact100 mm63 mm200 mmComposite
200.100Top100 mm63 mm200 mmComposite
200.160Basic160 mm110 mm200 mmComposite
200.160Agility160 mm110 mm200 mmComposite
200.160Compact160 mm110 mm200 mmComposite
200.160Top160 mm110 mm200 mmComposite
200.250Agility250 mm160 mm200 mmComposite
200.250Compact250 mm160 mm200 mmComposite
300.300Compact300 mm200 mm300 mmComposite

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