Flagpoles with Tilt Bracket and Key

Flagpoles with Tilt Bracket and Key from Tunetanken is ideal to use when celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Tunetanken Flagpoles are produced in glass fiber, which makes them strong and durable, but also minimal in maintenance. For this reason, they are very suitable for Danish weather conditions.

Tunetanken Flagpoles with Tilt Bracket and Key are designed with interior rope and key and are to be secured on concrete foundation. Once the flag is raised you can lock it to the line, which hereby secures the flag from theft.

The Tilt function makes the Flagpole easy to clean and you can protect it in extreme weather conditions.

Flagpoles come with red UV-stable plastic finial, rope and self-locking cleat. Tilt Brackets come assembled and hot-dip galvanised.

Flagpoles with Tilt Bracket and Key do not include concrete foundation and flag.

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  • Red UV-stable plastic finial.
  • Rope and self-locking cleat.
  • Manufactured in glass fiber gives a long life-cycle.
  • Robust and durable.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Well-suited to Danish weather conditions.
  • Tilt function in case of cleaning or extremely bad weather conditions.
  • Secured against theft.
  • Clamps, bases, flags and concrete foundation can be purchased separately.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.


Flagpole lengthMaterial
4 mComposite
5 mComposite
6 mComposite
7 mComposite
8 mComposite
9 mComposite
10 mComposite

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