FRP pipe tees

Tunetanken FRP pipe tees for aeration in biological cleaning plants, fish farms, etc. help control the level of the dissolved oxygen in the water. The FRP pipe tees are solid, strong and durable.

Tunetanken FRP pipe tees are available in many sizes, with flanges and muff joints as well as can be custom made for specific projects.

The FRP pipe tees are produced in fiber-reinforced composite material, a corrosion and chemical resistant material, which secures a long life cycle and operation.

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  • Solid, strong and durable.
  • Thermal and electrical insulation.
  • Can endure great temperature fluctuations.
  • Low expansion coefficient.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Available in many sizes.
  • Can be delivered with or without muff joints.
  • Can be further reinforced to withstand heavy traffic loads.
  • Can be custom made to meet requirements for shape and dimension.


DiameterStrength classMaterial
150 mmCompositeSN10000
200 mmCompositeSN10000
250 mmCompositeSN10000
300 mmCompositeSN10000
350 mmCompositeSN10000
400 mmCompositeSN10000
500 mmCompositeSN10000
600 mmCompositeSN10000
700 mmCompositeSN10000
800 mmCompositeSN10000
900 mmCompositeSN10000
1000 mmCompositeSN10000
1100 mmCompositeSN10000
1200 mmCompositeSN10000
1300 mmCompositeSN10000
1400 mmCompositeSN10000
1500 mmCompositeSN10000
1600 mmCompositeSN10000
1700 mmCompositeSN10000
1800 mmCompositeSN10000
1900 mmCompositeSN10000
2000 mmCompositeSN10000
2100 mmCompositeSN10000
2200 mmCompositeSN10000
2300 mmCompositeSN10000
2400 mmCompositeSN10000
2500 mmCompositeSN10000
3000 mmCompositeSN10000
3300 mmCompositeSN10000
3600 mmCompositeSN10000

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