FRP Reducers – Eccentric

Tunetanken FRP Reducers – Eccentric for wastewater, rainwater, air, etc. FRP Reducers – Eccentric are suitable for underground installations.

Tunetanken FRP Reducers – Eccentric are produced in fiber-reinforced composite material, a robust and corrosion-free material that does not corrode.

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  • Low weight and long life cycle.
  • Easy installation.
  • Corrosion resistance.


DiameterLengthStrength classMaterial
272-168 mm900 mmSN10000Composite
272-220 mm750 mmSN10000Composite
324-168 mm1000 mmSN10000Composite
324-220 mm900 mmSN10000Composite
324-272 mm750 mmSN10000Composite
324-272 mm900 mmSN10000Composite
376-168 mm1200 mmSN10000Composite
376-220 mm1000 mmSN10000Composite
376-324 mm750 mmSN10000Composite
427-220 mm1200 mmSN10000Composite
427-272 mm1000 mmSN10000Composite
427-324 mm900 mmSN10000Composite
427-376 mm750 mmSN10000Composite

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