Grain blowers / Fans for hay and grain drying

Tunetanken grain blowers are portable, quiet, maintenance-free, have a high-performance as well as low energy consumption. Engine power from 1,5 to 20,0 hp.

Grain blowers are made of fiber-reinforced composite, a robust, low weight and corrosion resistant material with noise-cancelling properties. Due to the natural material properties, resonance is avoided, which results in a significantly lower noise level.

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  • Low noise.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • High performance.
  • Mobile.
  • Housing made of fiber-reinforced composite material.
  • Plastic handle.
  • Flange to connect to a flexible hose.
  • Flexible hose for grain blowers. Dia. 300-400 mm.


TypesTotal heightWidthEngine power
TT-TRL 11018 mm805 mm1,5 HK / 1,1 kW
TT-TRL 21018 mm805 mm2,0 HK / 1,5 kW
TT-TRL 31018 mm805 mm3,0 HK / 2,2 kW
TT-TRL 41018 mm805 mm4,0 HK / 3,0 kW
TT-TRL 51018 mm805 mm5,5 HK / 4,0 kW
TT-TRL 71018 mm805 mm7,5 HK / 5,5 kW


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