Grain roller mills

Tunetanken grain roller mills are manufactured to meet the high demands of the modern agriculture, where long life cycle, minimal maintenance and large capacities are needed.

A Tunetanken grain roller mill is a reliable machine of the highest quality. The grain roller mill provides a high utilisation of the grain and is built with power transmission on both rollers, allowing the machine to also grind peas, corn and seeds.

An agitator is fitted in the inlet funnel, which prevents chaff and straw, which are too small to be sorted out by the grid, from clogging. Furthermore, the inlet funnel can be delivered with magnets that protect the rollers by sorting out small metal pieces which by mistake may be mixed with the grain.

The inlet funnel, the protection screen as well as the belt guard are made of fiber-reinforced composite. A unique material that is also used for the manufacturing of highly strained products such as wind turbines, ships, aircrafts, bridges, etc.

A Tunetanken grain roller mill is well thought out in regard to installation – operation – maintenance – life cycle – environment.

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  • Mills grains, peas, corn and seeds.
  • Long life cycle, minimal maintenance and low operation costs.
  • Healthy fodder to the last fiber.
  • Rolling capacity from 700-1.200 kg/hour.
  • Inlet funnel, protection screen and belt guard in fiber-reinforced composite material.
  • The inlet funnel has smooth internal surfaces and shape attuned for optimal discharge.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean surfaces.


TypeRoller diameterRoller widthRounds/hourEngine HPWeight
TT150385 mm150 mm2705,5230 kg
TT250385 mm250 mm27010450 kg

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