Grease Separators with Sludge Traps

Legally grease separators have to be installed on drains with high discharge of fat-containing wastewater to reduce the risk of clogged sewer systems.

Tunetanken Grease Separators with Sludge Traps are used as an underground installation at larger units such as industrial kitchens, slaughterhouses, bakeries, restaurants, food companies etc.

The grease separators are manufactured as fully moulded constructions in fiber-reinforced composite materials that are up to 20 times stronger than plastics such as PVC, PE and PP. The material furthermore has a long-life cycle and requires minimal maintenance.

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  • Delivered with mounting-, operation- and maintenance manuals.
  • Large program adjustable to different purposes and needs.
  • Manufactured in fibre-reinforced composite material.
  • Great strength and long life span.
  • Fully moulded, strong construction.
  • Constructed in accordance with DS/EN 1825.1 and DS 4040-100.
  • CE approved.
  • Can be delivered in customised measurements.
  • Discharge alarm.
  • Sample well.
  • Smell-proof cover.
  • Integrated pump sump.
  • Sludge separator well.


TypesDiameterCapacitySludge trapTotal volumeHeightPipe attachment
SP-FU/S 2900 mm2 l/sek.425 l1100 liter2100 mmØ110 mm
SP-FU/S 51250 mm5 l/sek.725 l1850 liter2100 mmØ110 mm
SP-FU/S 81600 mm8 l/sek.1100 l3100 liter2100 mmØ160 mm
SP-FU/S 122000 mm12 l/sek.1200 l5150 liter2250 mmØ160 mm
SP-FU/S 162300 mm16 l/sek.1500 l7000 liter2250 mmØ160 mm
SP-FU/S 202500 mm20 l/sek.1900 l8500 liter2650 mmØ200 mm
SP-FU/S 252800 mm25 l/sek.2300 l12500 liter2650 mmØ200 mm

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