Grease Separators – Countertop Model

Legally grease separators have to be installed on drains with high discharge of fat-containing wastewater to reduce the risk of clogged sewer systems.

Tunetanken Grease Separators – Countertop Model are used as indoor installations for smaller units such as kitchens, restaurants, pizzarias, diners etc.

The grease separators are manufactured as fully moulded constructions in fiber-reinforced composite materials that are up to 20 times stronger than plastics such as PVC, PE and PP. The material furthermore has a long life-cycle and requires minimal maintenance.

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  • Delivered with mounting-, operation- and maintenance manuals.
  • Large program adjustable to different purposes and needs.
  • Manufactured in fibre-reinforced composite material.
  • Great strength and long life span.
  • Fully moulded, strong construction.
  • Constructed in accordance with DS/EN 1825.1 and DS 4040-100.
  • CE approved.
  • Can be delivered in customised measurements.
  • Discharge alarm.
  • Sample well.
  • Smell-proof cover.
  • Integrated sludge trap.
  • Integrated pump sump.
  • Sludge separator well.


TypesCapacityTotal volumeW x L x Hin-/outlet
SP-FU/B 050,5 l/sek.30 liter400 x 300 x 350 mmDN50
SP-FU/B 11,0 l/sek.70 liter600 x 400 x 350 mmDN70

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