Grinder Pumping Stations with 1 Pump

Grinder Pumping Stations with 1 Pump can be installed directly.

Grinder Pumping Stations are equipped with 1 pump, auto-coupling, guide pipe for fast and easy hoisting of pump, check valve and stop valve.

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  • Type A – SEG.40.09.E.
  • Type B – SEG.40.12.E.
  • Type C – SEG.40.15.E.
  • Type D – TT-DXG 25-11.
  • Gas spring hinged FRP cover.
  • TT ventilation.
  • Handle with lock bracket.
  • Sloped bottom with uplift resistance foot.
  • Without external control or level float.
  • Groundwater secured for terrain.
  • Can be mounted with different pumps according to need.
  • 3 floating devices for start/stop/alarm.
  • TT cross-member.
  • Pressure pipe in stainless steel (type D).


600 mm1270 litresType A, B or C4500 mmComposite
600 mm1130 litresType A, B or C4000 mmComposite
600 mm990 litresType A, B or C3500 mmComposite
600 mm850 litresType A, B or C3000 mmComposite
600 mm700 litresType A, B or C2500 mmComposite
600 mm560 litresType A, B or C2000 mmComposite
600 mm420 litresType A, B or C1500 mmComposite
600 mm280 litresType A, B or C1000 mmComposite
600 mm1420 litresType A, B or C5000 mmComposite
600 mm1550 litresType A, B or C5500 mmComposite
600 mm1700 litresType A, B or C6000 mmComposite
600 mm560 litresType D2000 mmComposite
800 mm1000 litresType D2000 mmComposite
1000 mm1500 litresType D2000 mmComposite
1250 mm2400 litresType D2000 mmComposite

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