Hay Drying System

Tunetanken Hay Drying System is specially developed to effectively dry the hay, which allows for long lasting, healthy and high-quality fodder.

By drying hay bales directly in your barn, you avoid having to dry the hay in the fields. This reduces the amount of repeated field crossing and thus the damage caused to the new growth. By bringing the hay in early, you retain most of the grass aroma. In addition, the loss of the finer leaves is reduced.

With Tunetanken Hay Drying System you achieve a cheap and effective drying and avoid heat generation in hay bales, which prevents the formation of unhealthy mould. All of this helps to maintain the natural colour and quality of the hay.

Tunetanken Hay Drying Systems are made in composite material, which makes them robust, easy to take apart and move around as well as stack and put away when they are not in use. The material makes the system easy to clean, maintenance-free and ensures a long life cycle.

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  • Hay drying module, 1 pc.
  • Connection socket, 1 pc.
  • Interconnections.
  • End piece, 1 pc.
  • Lid,1 pc.
  • Skewers and strings, 4 pc.
  • Prevents heat accumulation in the hay and therefore the formation of the mould.
  • Eliminates the time consuming work in the field f.e., turning of hay bales.
  • Fiber-reinforced composite material provides great strength and long life cycle.
  • Low weight material ensures a quick and safe installation and relocation.
  • Installation and assembly does not require to use tools.
  • System is easy to clean and requires only minimal maintenance.
  • High quality of dry and healthy hay.
  • The hay retains its natural colour.
  • Customiseable solution according to your needs.

The bales are stacked one by one on the drying modules or two on top of each other. A blower is connected to the module line, allowing the air to pass through the holes in the modules and the bales itself. In order to ensure air circulation inside the bales, place the lid on top of the upper bale.

Hay Drying System modules are easy to disassemble and move around as well as can be stacked on top of each other and put away when they are not in use.

  • The Hay Drying System provides the opportunity to harvest at the right time.
  • It is possible to combine several modules.
  • Lid dia. 1070 mm; height 165 mm.
  • Fixation set for lid: skewers and string.
  • Round outlet for fans.
  • Flexible hose for fans – dia. 300 mm.
  • Coupling – dia. 520-300 mm, depth 230 mm.
  • Cellular rubber – dia. 470 mm, thickness 30 mm, length 1670 mm.
  • Blowers in various sizes and effects.


TypesTotal lengthModul widthModul heightLidMaterial
Complete set1580 mm1250 mm570 mmØ 1070 mmComposite
Complete set 2 pcs.3160 mm1250 mm570 mmØ 1070 mmComposite
Complete set 4 pcs.6320 mm1250 mm570 mmØ 1070 mmComposite
Complete set 6 pcs.9480 mm1250 mm570 mmØ 1070 mmComposite


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