Horizontal Storage Underground Tanks

Tunetanken Horizontal Storage Underground Tanks are solid storage solutions well-suited for a range of different purposes. Horizontal Storage Underground Tanks can endure being below ground for many years. Our Horizontal Storage Underground Tanks are produced in a strong composite material that make them resistant to exhausting conditions such as extreme loads from soil pressure and corrosion. Our tanks are a great solution for the environment as the risk of leakage is minimised.

Tunetanken Horizontal Storage Underground Tanks are well-suited for a range of purposes such as storage of chemicals, rainwater, process water, wastewater, or petrol and oil products.

We always customise our underground tanks to meet your requirements for operation conditions and whatever content you wish to store. Despite the great strength of the material, the tank has a low weight and together with the fully moulded design, it makes mounting easy. We have developed a special uplift resistance edge securing the tank stays safe and stable in the ground.

Due to our expertise, the newest composite materials, and high demands for quality, we produce our below ground tanks to secure your tank and investment for the future.

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  • Customisable design.
  • Fully moulded tank with uplift resistance edge.
  • Access shaft.
  • Size/geometry according to need.
  • Chemical resistance toward aggressive media.
  • Corrosion resistance securing long life cycle.
  • Insulated construction minimizing condensation.
  • Fully laminated joints.
  • Complete storage solution for optimal logistics and operation.
  • Eco-friendly solution with minimal risk of leakage.
  • Smooth surfaces easy to clean.
  • Light-weight material and fully moulded design for easy mounting.
  • Solid material to withstand soil pressure and tear.
  • Load: Pressure, vacuum, movement, etc. adjustable to media and operation.
  • Density: Depending on stored media.
  • Temperature +/- 1000/2000C at operation (depending on the material).
  • Standard color: Clear or grey-white (RAL 9002).
  • Level measure and electronic supply reporter.
  • Mechanical stirring hindering precipitation.
  • Supply pipe in composite or galvanized material, rust free or acid -proof steel.
  • Safety tank with leakage monitoring of dangerous liquids.
  • Insulated with PUR-foam and sandwich construction or mineral wool and glass fiber covers.
  • Warmth spiral or steam tube for heating/constant temperature.
  • Access shaft in multiple sizes for better discharge- and access possibilities at an increased discharge shaft.
  • A range of stuts, implementations, manholes and discharge extractions possible.


VarietyContentDiameterTotal lengthTotal height
NT1010.000 l2.000 mm3.600 mm3.000 mm
NT2020.000 l2.400 mm4.900 mm2.500 mm
NT3030.000 l2.400 mm7.100 mm2.500 mm
NT4040.000 l3.000 mm6.300 mm4.000 mm
NT6060.000 l3.350 mm7.500 mm4.350 mm
NT8080.000 l3.350 mm9.900 mm4.350 mm
NT100100.000 l3.350 mm12.100 mm4.350 mm
NT125125.000 l4.000 mm10.700 mm5.000 mm
NT150150.000 l4.000 mm12.800 mm5.000 mm
NT175175.000 l4.500 mm12.100 mm5.000 mm
NT200200.000 l4.500 mm13.600 mm5.500 mm

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