Vertical Storage Underground Tanks

Tunetanken Vertical Storage Underground Tanks are placed on level foundations with an uplift resistance foot as well as a domed top with access shaft. Tunetanken Vertical Storage Tanks are for storage of liquids such as e.g. corrosive products like acids/bases, saline solutions, process water, and flocculant agents for wastewater cleaning, etc.

Vertical Storage Underground Tanks from Tunetanken are easy to install, easy to discharge, and resistant to external influences from groundwater, traffic and soil pressure. Vertical storage tanks are customised for each project.

Tunetanken Vertical Storage Underground Tanks are high quality products well-thought out in regard to establishment – operation – maintenance – life cycle – environment. Vertical Storage Tanks are produced in fiber-reinforced composite material. A unique material used for highly burdened products such as windmills, ships, planes, bridges, etc. It is also a material that can be recycled and is strong and durable.

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  • Uplift resistance foot.
  • Access shaft.
  • Centrally placed discharge shaft.
  • Complete discharge.
  • Stays stable in the ground.
  • Extreme resistance toward tear, corrosion, aggressive fluids, and climatic influences.
  • Fiber-reinforced composite material with great strength and long life-cycle.
  • Uplift resistance foot securing stable tank.
  • Low weight and flat bottom for fast and easy mounting.
  • Smooth internal surfaces without profiling.
  • Anti-magnetic and non-sparking as well as electromagnetic transparency, etc.
  • Insulation with PUR-foam, especially beneficial for liquids that cannot endure cooling.
  • Access shaft in multiple sizes for better discharge and access possibilities at an increased discharge shaft.

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