idOil-30 Battery (3G) Oil Separator Alarm

idOil-30 is a battery-powered alarm unit for oil separators and is designed for wall mounting. idOil-30 is easy to use and is also available with a 3G modem.

It is possible to install up to three idOil-sensors in the idOil-20 alarm unit. Following levels can be monitored:

  • High liquid level: Indicates when the liquid level in the oil separator rises excessively.
  • Oil layer thickness: Indicates when the separator has reached its full capacity for oil or petrol.
  • Sludge level: Monitores sludge level and indicates when the separator has reached its maximum capacity.
  • Separator leakage: Indicates when the liquid level drops unexpectedly.

The alarm unit will signal in such situations and the alarm information will be shown on the display. The battery model is deactivated most of the time to save power and will become active in the pre-set measuring intervals.

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  • Up to three idOil-sensors can be connected at the time.
  • Polarity-free connections.
  • Automatic sensor.
  • Fast commisioning.
  • Display with system status and alarm information.
  • Easy to use.

idOil-30 battery (3G) alarm for oil separators can be delivered as a complete package containing:

  • idOil-30 battery control unit or idOil-30 battery 3G control unit.
  • idOil-sensors
  • Cable connectors.
  • Battery box 10 power supply.
  • Mounting kit LMS-SAS2 for the control unit.
  • Mounting kit LMS-SAS5 for sensors.


IP classificationCertificationL x H x DWeightOperating voltageAmbient temperatureCompatible sensors
IP65ATEX175 x 182 x 75 mm680 g (modem model 800 g)11-17 V DC-30° C...+60° CidOil-LIQ, idOil-OIL, idOil-SLU

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