International Flags

International Flags are sewn in the strongest bunting textile in the market.

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CountriesFlag sizeFlagpole lengthMaterial
EU150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
EU225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
EU250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
EU300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Belgium150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Belgium225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Belgium250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Belgium300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
England150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
England225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
England250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
England300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Finland150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Finland225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Finland250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Finland300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
France150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
France225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
France250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
France300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Faroe Islands150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Faroe Islands225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Faroe Islands250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Faroe Islands300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Greece150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Greece225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Greece250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Greece300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Greenland150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Greenland225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Greenland250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Greenland300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Netherlands150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Netherlands225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Netherlands250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Netherlands300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Ireland150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Ireland225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Ireland250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Ireland300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Iceland150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Iceland225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Iceland250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Iceland300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Italy150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Italy225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Italy250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Italy300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Luxembourg150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Luxembourg225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Luxembourg250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Luxembourg300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Norway150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Norway225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Norway250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Norway300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Portugal150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Portugal225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Portugal250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Portugal300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Spain150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Spain225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Spain250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Spain300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Great Britain150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Great Britain225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Great Britain250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Great Britain300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Sweden150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Sweden225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Sweden250 x 189 cm10 mBunting
Sweden300 x 227 cm12 mBunting
Germany150 x 114 cm6 mBunting
Germany225 x 170 cm8 mBunting
Germany250 x 189 cm10 mBunting

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