Pennants are long flags shaped in triangles, which can be raised 24/7 all year round. The Pennants from Tunetanken are sewn in the strongest bunting textile in the market and have beautiful and clear colours.

The Pennants are very capable of handling the Danish weather and in general hard weather conditions like rain and strong wind.

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  • Beautiful and clear colours.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Can handle Danish weather conditions.
  • Sewn in the strongest material on the market.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.


Pennant sizeFlagpole lengthMaterial
100 x 18 cm2 mBunting
150 x 18 cm3 mBunting
200 x 18 cm4 mBunting
250 x 20 cm5 mBunting
300 x 20 cm6 mBunting
350 x 20 cm7 mBunting
400 x 21 cm8 mBunting
450 x 21 cm9 mBunting
500 x 21 cm10 mBunting
550 x 23 cm11 mBunting
600 x 23 cm12-13 mBunting
700 x 23 cm14-15 mBunting
800 x 24 cm16-17 mBunting
900 x 24 cm18 mBunting

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