Irrigation Systems

Tunetanken Irrigation Systems collect drainage water from the silage pits and other concrete and asfalt covered areas.

According to The Danish Environmental Ministry’s executive order nr.: 764, runoff water must be collected in a slurry tank or an irrigation system for further repurposing. By investing in an irrigation system you can save the money used on slurry distribution costs, which add up to a considerably large amount, since a 4,000 m² pit can collect up to 2,800 m³ of rainwater per year.

Tunetanken Irrigation Systems consist of a sand trap and a collection tank, which are both manufactured in fiber-reinforced composite. The material is very strong, and, in this context, it is important that the tanks are easy to clean, as well as, that their smooth internal surfaces prevent the dirt accumulation. The collection tank is a complete solution that includes a pump and uplift-resistance wings, which allow the tank to be installed in areas with higher ground water levels. The tank comes with a pre-installed pressure line, to which the further pressure line simply attaches to.

Irrigation Systems have specially designed grinder pumps, which cut up impurities into smaller pieces, thus preventing the pump and the irrigation cannons from clogging. Place the irrigation cannons at a practical location in the field. Irrigation area should be at least the same size as the water collection area. Irrigation cannons are specially designed for water with impurities, preventing the system from stopping. The pump comes with coupling foot, making it possible to bring the pump up, without necessarily going into the tank, while control with sensors ensures a fully automated operation.

*Every system is calculated individually according to customer needs.

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  • Sand trap: 2875 ltr.
  • Collection tank from 25 m3 to 99 m3.
  • Pumping system*.
  • Irrigation canons.
  • Field irrigation pipes dia. 90-8 Bar.

* The pumping system comes installed in the collection tank.

  • Spares additional costs otherwise spent on water storage and distribution when collecting water in slurry tanks.
  • The size of the system is tailored to your needs.
  • The collection tank comes with a pre-installed pumping system.
  • Fast installation and operation set up.
  • Sand trap protects the pump, the pressure line and the irrigation system.
  • Fiber-reinforced composite is corrosion resistant and chemically resistant.

Sand Collector and Collection Tank:

  • Corrosion resistant and chemically resistant.
  • Standard colour: Grey-white (RAL 9002).

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