Large Blade Agitators GFR-2 – GFR-3

Large Blade Agitators GFR-2 – GFR-3 are developed with large blades that are specially designed for tough flowing substances. Large blades secure that the mass stays in constant motion in order to easier release the gas and distribute warmth equally in the tank. At the same time, the low rotational speed means a low energy consumption.

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  • 7,5 kW electrical motor.
  • Three-phase motors at 400V, 50 Hz, 1,450 rounds per minute.
  • Highly wear-resistant slide ring seal as standard.
  • Optimal media homogenisation.
  • Soft and gentle mixing.
  • Low energy consumption.


ModelkWRounds/hourCirculation volume
TMR3M 17017.01450/128 at 50 Hz15,871 m³
TMR3M 11011.01450/128 at 50 Hz10,400 m³

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