Lids for Hay Feeders

Lids for Hay Feeders in exclusive Danish design. The Lids fit our Hay Feeders, which are developed with a range of innovative properties for optimal use of fodder as well as provide movable, healthy and efficient feeding stations for all seasons.

Lids are produced fully moulded and water-tight in composite material, which secures the fodder against moisture, weather and insects. The double-walled construction along with the insulating and sealing properties of the composite material secure fresh fodder all year round.

Hay Feeders are suitable for an entire bale of hay. Moving Hay Feeders is easy due to the Hay Feeders’ low weight, the strong lid and lifting lug.

Lids for Hay Feeders come in a dark-grey colour and are equipped with lifting lug in stainless steel.

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  • Double-walled construction in composite material secures insulation and fresh fodder.
  • Suitable for an entire bale of hay.
  • Strong and durable composite material that is impact resistant and can endure all types of weather.
  • Low weight makes the Hay Feeders easy to move around.


Type 12000 mm700 mm45 kgComposite



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