Long-Shaft Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps with a long shaft.

The pumps are suitable for reception pits and slurry pits up to a depth of 6 m. Long-Shaft Centrifugal Pumps come either with sturdy motors (up to 22 kW/30 PS) or are PTO-driven – have a powerful and long-lasting centerpiece especially suitable for slurry and biogas plants with both fixed piping systems and flushing pipes.

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  • Virtually unaffected by foreign bodies and blockages.
  • Long life cycle thanks to stretch coupling (in electric drive only).
  • Fiber of silage or straw in the slurry are shredded.
  • High flow rates and delivery pressure.
  • Pumping medium temperature up to 70° C.
  • Flexibility thanks to perfect standard equipment and comprehensive range of accessories.
  • Electric or PTO drive.


TypeMotor powerRotational speedFlow rateMaterial
TT LKP 0555,5 kW1450 rpm155 m3/hCast iron
TT LKP 0757,5 kW1450 rpm230 m3/hCast iron
TT LKP 11011,0 kW1450 rpm312 m3/hCast iron
TT LKP 15015,0 kW1450 rpm345 m3/hCast iron
TT LKP 18518,5 kW1450 rpm365 m3/hCast iron
TT LKP 22022,0 kW1450 rpm408 m3/hCast iron

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