Rotary Lobe Pumps

Rotary Lobe Pumps with electric motor, set up on console.
Suitable for pumping highly contaminated liquids with a high dry matter content.

Rotary Lobe Pumps are extremely durable, even under heavy loads. Rotary Lobe Pumps can withstand high flow rates and keep maintenance to a minimum.

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  • Modular deign for quick piston change with few steps.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Almost no downtime.
  • Bearing on both sides for increased stability.


TypeMotor powerStroke volumeMax. rotational speedMax. flow rateCapacity
704,0 kW1,25 L/U384 rpm29 m3/h480 l/min
705,5 kW1,25 L/U446 rpm33 m3/h558 l/min
1405,5 kW2,50 L/U234 rpm35 m3/h586 l/min
1407,5 kW2,50 L/U346 rpm52 m3/h866 l/min
1407,5 kW2,50 L/U446 rpm67 m3/h1117 l/min
2107,5 kW3,76 L/U234 rpm53 m3/h879 l/min
21011,0 kW3,76 L/U346 rpm78 m3/h1299 l/min
21015,0 kW3,76 L/U446 rpm100 m3/h1675 l/min
28011,0 kW5,01 L/U234 rpm70 m3/h1172 l/min
28015,0 kW5,01 L/U346 rpm104 m3/h1732 l/min
28018,5 kW5,01 L/U446 rpm134 m3/h2233 l/min
35015,0 kW6,26 L/U234 rpm88 m3/h1465 l/min
35018,5 kW6,26 L/U346 rpm130 m3/h2166 l/min
35022,0 kW6,26 L/U446 rpm167 m3/h2792 l/min
42018,5 kW7,51 L/U234 rpm105 m3/h1758 l/min
42022,0 kW7,51 L/U346 rpm156 m3/h2599 l/min
42022,0 kW7,51 L/U446 rpm201 m3/h3350 l/min

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