Lounge Garden Table

The Tunetanken Lounge Garden Table is a central piece of furniture for outdoor events and meals. The Lounge Garden Table iseasy to move around due to its low weight, which makes it possible to enjoy the summer weather where you feel like it – e.g. in the sun or in the shade.

The Lounge Garden Table come in a standard white color and can be stacked, so it is easy to pack the tables away after use. The Tunetanken Lounge Garden Table can stand outside all year without getting damaged.

Tunetanken Lounge Garden Table is manufactured in composite material, which is a material that has advantages such as great strength and durability, long life-cycle and smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces.

The Tunetanken Lounge Garden Table fits perfectly together with Tunetanken Lounge Garden Chairs.


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  • Can stand outside all year round.
  • Minimal Maintenance.
  • Smooth surfaces that are easy to clean.
  • Stackable.
  • Great strength.
  • Standard colour: White.
  • Designed so they can easily be stacked and stored.

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