Manure Transfer Pipes

Tunetanken Manure Transfer Pipes with ventilation are specially designed for efficient manure pumping.

Tunetanken Manure Transfer Pipes are one of a kind. Due to the way Manure Transfer Pipes are designed, the manure pumping becomes slower where the pipe bends 180°, after which the dimension and volume of the pipe increases significantly. Thereby, making more room for the manure at the slowing point.

The construction is focused on optimal function and operation. The increased dimension reduces the number of manure pressure blasts via transfer pipe, while the excess air is released through the ventilation pipe.

Manure Transfer Pipes are produced in fiber-reinforced composite material – a unique material which is corrosion as well as chemically resistant.

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  • One of a kind design.
  • Fully moulded construction in fiber-reinforced composite.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Chemically resistant.
  • Homogeneous flow.
  • Smooth internal surfaces for optimal flow.
  • Easy to adjust and cut during installation.
  • Allows for good manure distribution in the slurry tank.

Manure Transfer Pipes are designed to slow down the flow before it reaches the 180° bend, after which, the dimensions and the volume of the pipe increases significantly, providing more room for the manure. The increased dimension reduces the number of overpressure shots via the overflow pipe whilst the excess air is being discharged through the vent pipe. The construction is well thought out for an optimal function and operation.

  • Comes in various sizes as needed.
  • Can be delivered with fittings.


TypeTotal heightExternal heightInternal heightDiameterMaterial
Standard4317 mm2412 mm3906 mmØ 160 mmComposite
Specially designedAs neededAs neededAs neededØ 160 mmComposite



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