Slurry Tank Covers

Tunetanken Slurry Tank Covers prevents rainwater from entering the tank, minimizes odor and reduces evaporation. According to Ministry of Environment of Denmarks’ executive order, all slurry stocks must be provided with a permanent cover in order to reduce odor nuisance and ammonia evaporation.

Tunetanken Slurry Tank Covers are made of fiber-reinforced composite material, a strong, corrosion resistant and chemically resistant material.

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  • Regulatory according to Ministry of Environment of Denmarks’ regulations.
  • Long life cycle and minimal maintenance.
  • Prevents rainwater from entering the tank.
  • Minimizes smell and reduces evaporation of e.g. ammonia.
  • Corrosion resistant and chemically resistant.
  • Easy and fast to install.

Because of the innovative design, Tunetanken slurry tank covers can be adapted to fit all existing tanks from dia. 10000 – 40000 mm.

  • Comes in various sizes as needed.
  • Can be delivered with a hinged hatch or a closure with tarpaulin.
  • Discharge pipes with or without fittings.
  • Hinged hatch.
  • Closure with tarpaulin.

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