Sample wells

Sample wells for establishment of drainage from e.g., oil-/petrol-/coalescence separators, grease separators, and small-treatment facilities for sampling of derived, purified waste water to control the degree of purification.

A sample well is mandatory, however the authorities’ decision in every project is applicable.

The sample well has a conical form in order for sampling and cleaning equipment to be lowered and navigated effortlessly in the well and for samples to be collected in a free-falling jet of water with visual control.

Tunetanken sample wells are produced in fiber-reinforced composite material.

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  • Large program, adjustable to different purposes and needs.
  • Can be delivered in custom measurements.
  • Manufactured in fibre-reinforced composite material.
  • Great strength and long life span.
  • Fully moulded, strong construction.


580 / 580 mmSP-PU 580 / 5801750 mm475 liter110 mmComposite
580 / 580 mmSP-PU 580 / 5801750 mm475 liter160 mmComposite
900 / 580 mmSP-PU 900 / 5802100 mm1100 liter200 mmComposite
900 / 580 mmSP-PU 900 / 5802100 mm1100 liter250 mmComposite

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