Ozon facilities for air purification

Ozon facilities for air purification of air with content from unwanted, smelling odors e.g., from purification plants, sludge and aeration systems, process industries, manure and digestion tanks, etc. Ozon facilities for air purification can be integrated into most ventilation facilities.

Air purification with Ozon is an eco-friendly, efficient, and affordable method for both establishment and operation. At the same time, it has a very high level of operation security. Ozon facilities for air purification solves most tasks.

Depending on the composition of the contaminated air, it can be necessary to have pre-filtering e.g., for particles, but otherwise no need for further purification.

Tunetanken Ozon facilities for air purification are produced in glass fiber-reinforced polyester to secure a lower cost, chemical resistance toward aggressive media, corrosion resistance, etc.

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  • Eco-friendly, efficient and affordable method for air purification.
  • A range of applications.
  • High operation security level.
  • Chemically resistance toward aggressive media.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • No use of chemicals.

Method and equipment of facilities are based on purification with Ozon, where the effective oxidizing property of Ozon is used to break down organic as well as inorganic smells in the air. At the oxidation process Ozon is converted into oxygen while smells are oxidized to smaller molecules incapable of releasing uncomfortable smells. No chemicals used. In most cases, the process will not form residing products for collection and aftercare.

Contaminated smells are led through an Ozon chamber where air is mixed with Ozon, produced by special low-pressure UV-lamps, and the oxidation process starts with the influence of UV-light. The Ozon-treatment is, thereby, combined with a photo chemical process.

  • Available with pre-filter.
  • Can be integrated into most ventilation facilities.

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