Coal filter facilities

Tunetanken coal filter facilities can be used for purification of swimming pool water, air filtering as well as industrial biogas facilities. Tunetanken coal filter facilities are custom designed for each project and adjustable to either gas or liquid media.

Coal filter facilities are based on active coal and its ability to absorb chemical compounds. Tunetanken coal filter facilities consist of a filter tank as well as piping and automation.

Coal filter facilities for water purification are used as a supplement for already existing water purification facilities where further purification is needed.

Tunetanken coal filters are produced in fiber-reinforced composite material with benefits like great strength, long life-cycle, chemical resistance, and corrosion resistance.

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  • Great strength.
  • Long life-cycle.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Adjustable to requirements for need and operation.

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