PVC Adapter with female thread – Glue and thread

PVC adapter with 1 adhesive sleeve and 1 female thread. Assembled with PVC glue and teflon tape.
Used for drinking water and food – non-toxic.

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16 mm x ½PN16PVC
16 mm x ⅜"PN16PVC
20 mm x ½PN16PVC
20 mm x ¾PN16PVC
25 mm x 1PN16PVC
25 mm x ¾PN16PVC
32 mm x 1PN16PVC
40 mm x 1¼PN16PVC
50 mm x 1½PN16PVC
50 mm x 1¼PN16PVC
50 mm x 2PN16PVC
63 mm x 2PN16PVC
75 mm x 2½PN16PVC
75 mm x 3PN16PVC
90 mm x 4PN16PVC
110 mm x 4PN16PVC

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