Root systems

Root systems are used for wastewater purification. Wastewater is pre-treated in precipitation tanks and then pumped to root systems.

In root systems, wastewater is treated through a gravel filter, which is planted with reeds or similar plants. Microorganisms on plant roots or grains of sand converts the organic material and nutrients of wastewater.

After purification, wastewater can be led to streams, ditches, drains, etc.

Tunetanken root systems meet the requirement of purification class O (reduction of organic material).

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  • Precipitation tank.
  • Membrane 0.5 mm.
  • Ø 110 mm. membrane bushing.
  • Inlet and outlet fascines.
  • Outlet well.
  • Meet the requirements for purification class O.
  • The wastewater’s organic materials and nutrients are metabolized.
  • After purification the wastewater can be led into streams, ditches, drainages, etc.


TypesDistribution pipePurification classPE membraneMaterial
5 PE GV2 x 16 mO96 m²Composite
10 PE GV4 x 16 mO192 m²Composite
15 PE GV6 x 16 mO384 m²Composite
20 PE GV8 x 16 mO768 m²Composite
25 PE GV10 x 16 mO1536 m²Composite
30 PE GV12 x 16 mO3072 m²Composite

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