Septic tank alarms – Lokaset 20

Lokaset 20 septic tank alarm is a full alarm system for supervision of overflows in precipitation and collection tanks.

Lokaset 20 is a conductively controlled safety device consisting of a sensor unit and a control box. When the sensor comes in contact with a conductive fluid, the control box will put out a signal: turning on the red indicator lamp, buzzing starts, and disconnecting the alarm relay. By pressing the alarm receipt button, the buzzing will be turned off. The indicator lamp will continue to light up, and the relay will still be disconnected until the alarm is removed i.e., the sensor is no longer in contact with the fluid. The alarm is equipped with a 4-5 seconds delay to avoid unnecessary alarm because of splashes.

SET/LV sensor: The sensor and belonging cable are equipped with a fault-finding device that can localise breakdowns in the sensor circuit. The device is powered by 230VAC mains through a connecting cable with a standard plug. When the device is in on-mode, the alarm relay is in alarm setting i.e., disconnected. When the device is powered, a green light will turn on.

NOTE! The alarm must not be used for installations in areas with risk of environmental damages.
SET/LV or SET/L sensor must not be installed in areas with risk of environmental damages.

It is not recommended to install SET/LV or SET/L sensor in areas where fumes, gasses, or fluids with possible corroding effects on the sensor are present e.g., aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons (PVC), strong bases or acids.

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  • Control box with indicator.
  • Indicator light and buzzing alarm.
  • SET/LV overflow sensor.
  • Easy to install.
  • Visual and acoustic signal alarm.
  • Avoid overflow of tank.
  • ATEX-certified.


TypesCertificationW x H x DSupply voltageAmbient temperatureCompatible sensors
SP Lokaset 20ATEX130 x 80 x 35 mm230 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 2,8 VA0° C...+50° CSET/LV, SET/L

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