Sewer Pumping Stations – Type C

Sewer Pumping Stations – Type C are prefabricated in composite for black wastewater.

Sewer Pumping Stations – Type C are available in diameters from Ø2000 to Ø4500 and are equipped with eccentric shaft, gas spring hinge, FRP cover, TT ventilation, handle with lock bracket, 2 lifting lugs, conical shaft and uplift resistance foot.

Sewer Pumping Stations are delivered without pumps and equipment.

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  • Sewer Pumping Stations for wastewater.
  • Delivered excl. pumps and equipment.
  • Produced in fiber-reinforced composite material.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Low weight.


2000 mmSP-KPC 20004000 mmComposite
2300 mmSP-KPC 23004000 mmComposite
2500 mmSP-KPC 25004000 mmComposite
2800 mmSP-KPC 28004000 mmComposite
3000 mmSP-KPC 30004000 mmComposite
3400 mmSP-KPC 34004000 mmComposite
3500 mmSP-KPC 35004000 mmComposite
4000 mmSP-KPC 40004000 mmComposite
4500 mmSP-KPC 45004000 mmComposite

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