Unidrain Highline Panel, Line 1920

Complete solution – Assembled before mounting. Panel Solution placed directly in drain unit.

Can be used with or without frame.
Flooring: Tiles/clinkers.

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300 mm253 mmBrushedStainless steel
300 mm253 mmBlackFrosted glass
300 mm253 mmWhiteFrosted glass
300 mm253 mmRed (Hot)Corian
300 mm253 mmBlack NocturneCorian
700 mm633 mmBrushedStainless steel
700 mm633 mmBlackFrosted glass
700 mm633 mmWhiteFrosted glass
700 mm633 mmRed (Hot)Corian
700 mm633 mmBlack NocturneCorian
800 mm733 mmBrushedStainless steel
800 mm733 mmWhiteFrosted glass
800 mm733 mmWhiteFrosted glass
800 mm733 mmRed (Hot)Corian
800 mm733 mmBlack NocturneCorian
900 mm833 mmBrushedStainless steel
900 mm833 mmBlackFrosted glass
900 mm833 mmWhiteFrosted glass
900 mm833 mmRed (Hot)Corian
900 mm833 mmBlack NocturneCorian
1000 mm933 mmBrushedStainless steel
1000 mm933 mmBlackFrosted glass
1000 mm933 mmWhiteFrosted glass
1000 mm933 mmRed (Hot)Corian
1000 mm933 mmBlack NocturneCorian
1200 mm1133 mmBrushedStainless steel
1200 mm1133 mmBlackFrosted glass
1200 mm1133 mmWhiteFrosted glass
1200 mm1133 mmRed (Hot)Corian
1200 mm1133 mmBlack NocturneCorian

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