UV systems

Tunetanken UV systems for disinfection of process water from e.g., fish farms.

Tunetanken UV systems produced in glass fiber-reinforced polyester has benefits such as chemical and corrosion resistance to e.g., salt water, neither electrically nor heat conductive and low weight. Tunetanken UV systems can be customised to meet customer requirements regarding capacity, pressure loss in the UV box, sizes on in- and outlet stuts, etc.

All systems are manufactured with an inspection lid to ease supervision and cleaning of quarts pipes inside the UV box. The inspection lid allows for supervision and cleaning without extracting the quarts pipes from the UV box.

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  • Separate controlling device.
  • Integrated alarm in case of lamp failure.
  • Hour meter.
  • UV-C monitor with display and alarm that through sensor measures the UV transmission of the water.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Neither electrically nor heat conductive.
  • Low weight.
  • UV-C monitor with display and alarm with signal for remote control.


TypeUV lampsCapacityL x W x HPressure drop at max flow
UV-104 stk.10 m³/ Time750 x 100 x 5003 mbar
UV-4516 stk.45 m³/ Time750 x 100 x 9503,5 mbar
UV-10028 stk.100 m³/ Time750 x 200 x 9002 mbar
UV-30084 stk.300 m³/ Time750 x 600 x 5002 mbar

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