Rinse Water Tanks

Tunetanken has a large programme of both horisontal and vertical rinse water tanks. Rinse Water Tanks are manufactured in fiber-reinforced composite – a very robust material that has a long life cycle and cannot corrode.

The tanks are easy to mount due to their low weight and easily installed in accordance with regulations – and in a level position. The interior surfaces are smooth and without profiling, which secure an optimal discharge and hygiene.

Rinse Water Tanks can be delivered with uplift resistance wings/foot to prevent the tanks from being pressured upwards by ground water pressure. Tunetanken Rinse Water Tanks can be delivered with further reinforcements to ground water pressure, soil pressure and heavy traffic loads.

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  • Large programme of both vertical and horizontal Rinse Water Tanks.
  • Sizes ranging from 1,200 to 200,000 liters.
  • Lightweight ensures fast and easy mounting.
  • Optimal discharge and hygiene.
  • Temperature resistance –/+ 100º /90º C.
  • Easy to install.
  • Fiber-reinforced composite material with great strength and long life cycle.
  • Uplift resistance foot/wings ensure, that the tank doesn’t get pushed up due to ground water pressure.
  • Smooth inner surfaces without profiles for optimal discharge and hygiene.
  • Access shaft available in different sizes.
  • Can be delivered with Uplift resistance foot or uplift resistance wings.
  • Can be custom made according to project requirements and scope.
  • Can be further reinforced to withstand large pressure from ground water, heavy traffic and soil.
  • Raiser.
  • Pipes and flange studs.
  • Odour-tight cover.

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