Watering Troughs

Tunetanken Watering Troughs with a capacity of 100 litres for animals on paddock.

It is possible to attach a hose to Watering Troughs to make sure that they are automatically filled up.

There is an integrated float valve that prevents Watering Trough from overflowing with water and ensures that the right amount of water is always available for the animals.

Watering Troughs have a bottom plug, which secures easy emptying and you, thereby, no longer have to tip the Trough to get the water out. Lightweight composite material secures that the Watering Troughs are easy to move once they must be relocated.

Due to composite material Watering Troughs have smooth surfaces, which secure easy cleaning and prevent algae growth in the Trough. Composite material is resilient and can therefore withstand animals playing in paddocks. Rounded edges make sure that the animals avoid injuries and wear when using the Trough.

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  • Capacity: 100 litres.
  • Automatic filling.
  • Bottom plug for easy emptying.
  • Low weight.

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