Carcass Covers

Tunetanken Carcass Covers respectfully cover dead animals (carcasses) at collection points, so that access for scavengers and, thereby, the spread of infections are prevented. Carcass Covers also prevent macabre sightings of deceased farm animals.

Tunetanken Carcass Covers have a discreet design which blends elegantly into the natural surroundings. The construction is well thought out for optimal function and operation, with a focus on design and spaciousness, so that the cover is easily placed over the carcass.

The carcass sheath’s solid material and durable gripper.

The manufacturing material is fiber-reinforced composite that can withstand extremely high and low temperatures without losing strength and minimally expanding or shrinking. The Tunetanken cadaver cover is also made with a ventilation so that the heat can escape from the cover. Thus, the generation of heat under the cover is avoided, which reduces the rate of the biological degradation process.

The carcass cover is fitted with a durable gripping ring developed with the aim of minimizing the risk of damage to the carcass cover and facilitating the work during collection.

Remember to clean the gripping ring so that the driver does not have to move around the collection point. It eases the workload and minimizes the risk of infections spreading.

Tunetanken Carcass Covers are designed with regard to optimization of operation – maintenance – life span – environment.

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  • Smooth, hygienic and easy-to-clean surfaces.
  • Can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.
  • Ventilation system.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Weather resistance.
  • Light-weight and movable.
  • Produced in fiber-reinforced composite – a strong and stable material that is weather resistant.
  • Ventilation system for heat emission reduces the speed of bio degradation.
  • Fully moulded design with focus on spaciousness, so the cover easily fits the carcass.
  • Flat bottom edge that is designed to slide easily over different surfaces.
  • Special lifting handle for crane or machine.
  • Can be delivered in different sizes.
  • Can be delivered in all RAL-colours.


ModelSuitable forLengthWidthHeightWeightMaterial
MPigs2664 mm1465 mm800 mm50 kgComposite
LCattle3277 mm2277 mm1350 mm100 kgComposite



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