FRP aeration pipes

Tunetanken FRP aeration pipes for biological cleaning plants, fish farms etc. help control the level of the dissolved oxygen in the water.

FRP aeration pipes from Tunetanken are available in many sizes and can be delivered with a complete fitting programme, flanges, and a distributing dispenser. As a standard the pipes measure 6000mm in diameter, but can be custom made according to special project requirements.

The pipes are produced in fiber-reinforced composite, a material with properties like corrosion and chemical resistance, which means that the pipes can be assembled and cut to shape without any aftercare.

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  • Solid, strong and durable.
  • Can be assembled and cut to shape immediately and without any aftercare.
  • Thermal and electrical insulation.
  • Can endure great temperature fluctuations.
  • Low expansion coefficient.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Available in many sizes.
  • Can be delivered with or without muff joints.
  • Can be further reinforced to withstand heavy traffic loads.
  • Can be custom made to meet requirements for shape/dimension.


160 mm6000 mmComposite
200 mm6000 mmComposite
250 mm6000 mmComposite
300 mm6000 mmComposite
400 mm6000 mmComposite
500 mm6000 mmComposite

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