Pressure sand filters

Tunetanken pressure sand filters for water purification facilities e.g., swimming pools, spas, water plants, fish farms, industrial facilities, wastewater purification, etc.

Pressure sand filters are constructed in accordance with “Recommendations for format of pressure sand filters for purification of swimming pool water” by the Danish Swimming Pool Technical Association March 1981, DIN 19605 and DIN 19643.

Tunetanken pressure sand filters are primarily produced in fiber-reinforced composite material, which is corrosion and chemical resistant. Materials as well as production method are specifically chosen to secure high quality. A satisfactory chemical resistance for sand filters is applicable to process water with a precise content of chemicals e.g., swimming pool water.

Tunetanken pressure sand filters are delivered with a 5-year specific warranty for hidden errors.

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  • Mounted with manhole, internal flange for diffusor system and discharge.
  • High quality.
  • Satisfactory chemical resistance.
  • 5-year specific warranty.
  • Constructed in accordance with norms DIN19605 and DIN 19643.

Tunetanken pressure sand filters are smooth on the outside and with an internally rugged top coat.

Tunetanken pressure sand filters work with nozzle bottom. Nozzles can be demounted.

  • Sand/filter-medium height: 1000mm.
  • Operation pressure: 2 bar.
  • Testing pressure: 3 bar.
  • Operation temperature: max. 400
  • Standard colour: light grey.
  • Customisable colour possible.
  • In the case of very aggressive means, sand filters need to be customised e.g., water with added Ozon.
  • Extra equipment can be purchased and mounted depending on requests.


DiameterTypeTotal heightMaterial
1000 mmKP 10001700 mmComposite
1200 mmKP 12001700 mmComposite
1400 mmKP 14001800 mmComposite
1600 mmKP 16001800 mmComposite
1800 mmKP 18001900 mmComposite
2000 mmKP 20001900 mmComposite
2200 mmKP 22002100 mmComposite
2400 mmKP 24002100 mmComposite
2600 mmKP 26002200 mmComposite
2800 mmKP 28002200 mmComposite
3000 mmKP 30002300 mmComposite
3200 mmKP 32002300 mmComposite
3400 mmKP 34002400 mmComposite
3600 mmKP 36002400 mmComposite
3800 mmKP 38002500 mmComposite
4000 mmKP 40002500 mmKomposit



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