Rectangular storage tanks

Tunetanken rectangular storage tanks are customisable storage solutions of high quality that also have a long life cycle. Our rectangular storage tanks are produced in fiber-reinforced composite material which makes them resistant towards tearing, aggressive fluids and climatic influences.

Tunetanken rectangular storage tanks are always customised according to the specific project requirements, in order to make sure that they are suitable for your operation conditions and media. Rectangular storage tanks are suitable for a wide range of different purposes e.g., storage of corrosive fluids such as acids/bases, saline solutions, and can be used as a mixing- and processing tank.

Rectangular tanks can be manufactured with a single or double walled design, with an internal division providing multiple rooms, or produced in compliance with requirements for contact with food. Compared to alternative materials, composite material is lightweight, which makes the transportation, installment and relocation easy.

We combine our expertise and high demands for quality together with the most modern composite materials, in order to produce enduring rectangular storage tanks which provide not only a secure storage solution, but are also an investment into your future.

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  • Customisable design.
  • Fully moulded construction in lightweight material.
  • Internal coating adjustable to media.
  • Customisable size/geometry.
  • Insulated construction which minimises condensation.
  • Corrosion resistance secures a long life cycle.
  • Fully moulded construction secures that the tank is hermetically sealed.
  • No internal joints where media can accumulate.
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.
  • Simple mounting.
  • Broad form programme and custom made sizes.
  • Complete storage solution for optimal logistics and operation.
  • Load: Pressure, vacuum, movement, etc. adjustable to media and operation conditions.
  • Density: Depending on media.
  • Temperature: +/- 100º/200º C at operation.
  • Chemical resistance adjustable to media.
  • Standard color: Clear, grey-white (RAL 9002), or olive green (RAL 6025).
  • Can be insulated with PUR-foam and sandwich construction or mineral wool and glass fiber covers for media that cannot endure cooling.
  • Can be lined with PP, PVDF, or ECTFE for chemical resistance or storage of foods.
  • Can be produced with a wall for division of media or processes.
  • Customisable color according to RAL color card.
  • A range of stuts, implementations, manholes and discharge extractions available.
  • Level measure and weighing equipment.
  • Mixers for mechanical stirring which hinder precipitation.
  • Supply pipe in composite or galvanized material, stainless or acid-proof steel.
  • Equipment for leakage monitoring of dangerous fluids.
  • Warmth spiral or steam tube for heating/constant temperature.

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