Saddle tanks

Tunetanken saddle tanks are fully moulded in fiber-reinforced composite material and are thus an optimal solution for storage of liquid media. Along with the strong composite material, the design secures a sealed and leakproof tank that is resistant towards corrosion, tearing and climatic influences.

Tunetanken saddle tanks are, therefore, well-suited for a range of different purposes such as storage of corrosive media e.g., acids/bases, saline solutions, process water, flocculating agents for wastewater cleaning or chemicals. Our saddle tanks are approved for contact with food in accordance to regulations applied by Danish Ministry of Environment and Food as well as are recognised by the Danish Smiley Identification system.

Tunetanken saddle tanks are built with saddles in order to secure the necessary stability in relation to size and foundation. This means that our saddle tanks are reliable all year round no matter the location as well as provide security for your daily work. Fully moulded design and smooth surfaces ensure that the emptying process is efficient as well as facilitate the cleaning.

With almost five decades of experience working with composite materials, together with the latest developments within the subject, we are your quality supplier when it comes to saddle tanks. We think of design and functionality when we produce your tank. This way, we make sure that your storage tank is also an investment into your future.

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  • Personalized design.
  • Fully moulded tank with saddles adjusted to size.
  • Internal coating adjusted to the stored content.
  • Size/geometry according to requirements.
  • Chemical resistance towards aggressive fluids.
  • Insulating construction minimises condensation.
  • Corrosion resistance ensures a long life cycle.
  • Easy to clean, smooth surfaces.
  • Simple and easy mounting.
  • Large programme for form.
  • Complete storage solution for optimal logistics and operation.
  • Saddles secure stability regardless the foundation.
  • Load: Pressure, vacuum, movement, and more are adjusted according to the stored media and operating conditions.
  • Density: Depending on media.
  • Temperature: +/- 100º/200º C at operation.
  • Chemical resistance adjusted according to media.
  • Standard color: Clear or grey-white (RAL 9002).
  • Can be insulated with PUR-foam and sandwich construction or mineral wool and glass fiber coating.
  • Can be provided with a skirt for protection of bottom outlet and electronic equipment.
  • Can be provided with lining with PP, PVDF or ECTFE for chemical resistance.
  • Can be provided with lining for contact with food in accordance to FDA requirements.
  • Can be ordered in any colour from RAL-colour card.
  • Leakage monitoring equipment for dangerous fluids.
  • Weighing and level measuring equipment.
  • Stirring equipment to hinder precipitation.
  • Filling pipes in composite material, galvanized stainless or acid -proof steel.
  • Warmth spiral or steam pipe for heating/maintenance of constant temperature.
  • Range of studs, implementations, manholes, extractions as needed.
  • Ladder for an easy ascent to the manhole.


VarietyContentDiameterTotal lengthTotal height
ST1010.000 l2.000 mm3.600 mm3.000 mm
ST2020.000 l2.400 mm4.900 mm2.500 mm
ST3030.000 l2.400 mm7.100 mm2.500 mm
ST4040.000 l3.000 mm6.300 mm4.000 mm
ST6060.000 l3.350 mm7.500 mm4.350 mm
ST8080.000 l3.350 mm9.900 mm4.350 mm
ST100100.000 l3.350 mm12.100 mm4.350 mm
ST125125.000 l4.000 mm10.700 mm5.000 mm
ST150150.000 l4.000 mm12.800 mm5.000 mm
ST175175.000 l4.500 mm12.100 mm5.500 mm
ST200200.000 l4.500 mm13.600 mm5.500 mm

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