Sludge and sand trap wells

Tunetanken sludge and sand trap wells are used to separate sludge and sand from waste water. Sludge and sand trap wells are used in connection with separators or larger drainage areas.

The special conical swamp construction secures an optimal retention of collected materials at the flow of major rain water amounts.

Sludge and sand trap wells are produced in composite materials that are 15 times stronger than PVC and PP.

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  • Manufactured in fibre-reinforced composite material.
  • Great strength and long life span.
  • Low weight and flat bottom.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Strong and impact resistant.
  • Sizes from 500 to 45.000 liters.
  • Frost resistant.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Conical construction.
  • Buoyancy protected edge ensures that tank does not get pushed upward from the groundwater pressure.
  • Can be heightened by mounting a riser shaft.
  • Can be reinforced against heavy traffic load.
  • Can be reinforced against pressure from the soil and groundwater.


  • Drain alarm.
  • Sampling well.
  • Odor proof cover.


580 mm500 liter2000 mmComposite
900 mm1000 liter2100 mmComposite
1000 mm1200 liter1700 mmComposite
1000 mm1600 liter2200 mmComposite
1250 mm1800 liter1750 mmComposite
1250 mm2500 liter2250 mmComposite
1400 mm3000 liter2300 mmComposite
1600 mm4000 liter2300 mmComposite
1800 mm5000 liter2400 mmComposite
2000 mm6300 liter2400 mmComposite
2300 mm7300 liter2200 mmComposite
2300 mm8300 liter2500 mmComposite
2500 mm10000 liter2500 mmComposite
2500 mm12500 liter3000 mmComposite
2800 mm15000 liter3000 mmComposite
2800 mm20000 liter3800 mmComposite
3000 mm25000 liter4200 mmComposite
3000 mm30000 liter490 mmComposite
3500 mm35000 liter4400 mmComposite
3500 mm40000 liter490 mmComposite
3500 mm45000 liter5400 mmComposite

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