Vertical storage tanks

With Tunetanken vertical storage tanks you receive a guarantee for a Danish-made quality as well as an ideal solution for storage of liquid media.

Our vertical storage tanks are fully moulded and produced in fiber-reinforced composite material. Due to unique material properties Tunetanken vertical storage tanks are very strong and resistant to chemical tearing, aggressive fluids as well as climatic influences. Vertical storage tanks made of composite materials have a long life cycle and require only minimal maintenance, regardless of the stored content or placement.

Tunetanken vertical storage tanks can be custom made to meet specific project requirements for dimensions, extra equipment, appearance as well as particular regulations for content storage. This ensures that Tunetanken vertical storage tanks are designed to fit your exact needs as well as surroundings.

For example, vertical storage tanks can be approved for contact with food in accordance to regulations applied by Danish Ministry of Environment and Food as well as are recognised by the Danish Smiley Identification system. Finally, the tank is suited for both high and low corrosive content such as dairy, vinegar for pickled herring brine, acid for the production of protein, saline solutions and more.

Our vertical storage tanks are developed on the basis of almost 50 years of experience of working with composite materials as well as the latest development within the technology. As a result, Tunetanken vertical storage tanks provide utmost value for your investment.

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  • Size and dimension according to project requirements.
  • Chemical resistance to aggressive media.
  • Corrosion resistance and long life cycle.
  • Insulating construction which minimises condensation.
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.
  • No internal joints where stored media could accumulate.
  • Outdoor set-up with foundation that saves building costs.
  • Easy mounting process facilitates relocation.
  • Complete solution with optimal logistics and operation.
  • Load: Pressure, vacuum, movement, and more are adjusted according to media and operation conditions.
  • Density adjusted according to the stored media.
  • Temperature: +/- 100º/200º C at operation.
  • Chemical resistance adjusted to suit the storage of particular media.
  • Standard color: Clear or grey-white (RAL 9002).
  • Can be insulated with PUR-foam and sandwich construction or mineral wool and glass fiber coating.
  • Can be provided with a skirt for protection of bottom outlet and electronic equipment.
  • Can be provided with lining with PP, PVDF or ECTFE for chemical resistance.
  • Can be provided with lining for contact with food in accordance to FDA requirements.
  • Can be ordered in any colour from RAL-colour card.
  • Can be supplied with anchoring foot.
  • Leakage monitoring equipment for dangerous fluids.
  • Weighing and level measuring equipment.
  • Stirring equipment to hinder precipitation.
  • Filling pipes in composite material, galvanized stainless or acid -proof steel.
  • Warmth spiral or steam pipe for heating/maintenance of constant temperature.
  • Range of studs, implementations, manholes, extractions as needed.


VarietyContentDiameterTotal heightFree heightDiagonalDistance
KUP66.000 l2.000 mm2.900 mm350 mm2.000 mm
KUP88.000 l2.000 mm3.550 mm350 mm2.000 mm
KUP1010.000 l2.000 mm4.200 mm350 mm2.000 mm
KUP1212.000 l2.000 mm4.850 mm350 mm2.000 mm
KUP1616.000 l2.400 mm5.345 mm545 mm2.400 mm1.690 mm
KUP2121.000 l2.400 mm6.445 mm545 mm2.400 mm1.690 mm
KUP2626.000 l2.400 mm7.916 mm545 mm2.400 mm1.690 mm
KUP3232.000 l2.400 mm8.845 mm545 mm2.400 mm1.690 mm
KUP4040.000 l3.000 mm7.916 mm519 mm3.000 mm2.110 mm
KUP4545.000 l3.000 mm8.319 mm519 mm3.000 mm2.110 mm
KUP5050.000 l3.000 mm9.019 mm519 mm3.000 mm2.110 mm
KUP6060.000 l3.000 mm10.419 mm519 mm3.000 mm2.110 mm



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