Indoor Silos

Tunetanken Indoor Silos are a novelty within silo solutions for indoor storage. Indoor Silos are constructed in a modular system that can be adjusted to meet virtually every requirement for size and dimension.

Tunetanken Indoor Silos are made of fiber-reinforced composite material which is chemically-resistant, corrosion resistant, thermally insulating, electrically insulating, hygienic, durable and very strong. A material that allows for Indoor Silos to have very smooth inner sides and anti-slip surfaces that cannot rust. Due to natural insulating properties composite material minimises condensation. Our Indoor Silos have rounded corners and smooth transitions which ensure an extremely high standard of hygiene.

In addition, Indoor Silos can be ordered in different colours and have a large equipment programme of bottom outlets, transportation solutions, automation and reporting equipment as well as filling systems. Tunetanken Indoor Silos are well thought out in regard to installation,  operation, maintenance, life cycle, environment.

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  • Fully moulded elements for the construction of the silo.
  • Top inlet Ø 500.
  • Inspection hatch.
  • Cone with 58° slope.
  • 300 x 300 mm outlet.
  • Optimal for emptying, cleaning and hygiene.
  • Dynamic mass flow and thus a high fodder hygiene.
  • FullFlow discharge system.
  • Fiber-reinforced composite material with high strength and long life cycle.
  • Temperature resistance.
  • Chemical resistance e.g. against saline solutions.
  • Fast and easy mounting.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Sizes ranging from 6 m³ to 66 m³.
  • Flexible modular system that offers many different construction options.
  • A large ventilation area protects the silo from overpressure during filling.
  • Smooth inner surfaces with rounded corners ensure that the fodder glides easily.
  • Fully moulded cone together with a FullFlow bottom outlet provide a safe and complete discharge.
  • Blow-in pipe and bending with a large radius for minimal impact and separation of the media when filling the silo.
  • Bottom outlet that can be adjusted to all types of connections as well as fodder and transport systems.
  • The exhaust air can be led to terrain, which keeps the silo and the surroundings clean from dust.
  • Large programme of extra equipment i.a. cyclones, level indicators and inspection hatches.
  • Leg extender.
  • Top for many different connections.
  • FullFlow bottom outlet.
  • Modular ladder system.
  • Guardrailing.
  • Manholes.
  • Sight glass.
  • Walkway system


TypeVolumeContentWidthLengthTotal heightFree height
IC 66 m³3,9 t3000 mm3000 mm2911 mm538 mm
IC 1111 m³7,2 t3000 mm3000 mm3551 mm538 mm
IC 1616 m³10,4 t3000 mm3000 mm4191 mm538 mm
IC 2121 m³13,7 t3000 mm3000 mm4831 mm538 mm
IC 2626 m³16,9 t3000 mm3000 mm5471 mm538 mm
IC 3131 m³20,2 t3000 mm3000 mm6111 mm538 mm
IC 3636 m³23,4 t3000 mm3000 mm6751 mm538 mm
IC 4141 m³26,7 t3000 mm3000 mm7391 mm538 mm
IC 4646 m³29,9 t3000 mm3000 mm8031 mm538 mm
IC 5151 m³33,2 t3000 mm3000 mm8671 mm538 mm
IC 5656 m³36,4 t3000 mm3000 mm9311 mm538 mm
IC 6161 m³39,7 t3000 mm3000 mm9951 mm538 mm
IC 6666 m³42,9 t3000 mm3000 mm10591 mm538 mm

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