Industrial silos

Tunetanken industrial silos are always customised for the specific project. They are well-suited for a range of purposes within industries for both liquid and dry media due to the solid choice of material. Tunetanken industrial silos are produced in fiber-reinforced composite material making the silo durable and resistant to tear from content or climatic influences. Tunetanken industrial silos have a long cycle regardless of the content and location.

Tunetanken industrial silos are fully moulded with smooth internal surfaces without any internal bolted joints to prevent accumulation of content. The smooth surfaces also ease cleaning and secure an effective discharge and high level of hygiene. Tunetanken industrial silos have a range of application possibilities e.g., plastic pellets, lime, zinc, or technical products for building. Our silos are adjustable to storage of aggressive media or media for food production e.g., sugar, flour, or additives. Tunetanken industrial silos are always customised to meet your requirements to existing transportation plants or machines to make sure supply, discharge and equipment fit with your operation conditions.

We combine our expertise and high demands for quality together with the most modern composite materials, in order to produce enduring industrial silos which provide not only a secure storage solution, but are also an investment into your future.

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  • Customisable design.
  • Fully moulded glass fiber silo.
  • Adjustable internal coating.
  • Customisable size.
  • Chemical resistance toward aggressive media.
  • Corrosion resistance securing long life-cycle.
  • Fully moulded solution in glass fiber for a closed tank.
  • Insulated construction minimizing condensation.
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.
  • Without internal joints to prevent accumulating material.
  • Simple mounting.
  • Large form program.
  • Complete storage solution for optimal logistics and operation.
  • Density: Depending on the medium that is to be stored.
  • Temperature: +/- 1000/2000C at operation (depending on the material).
  • Chemical resistance adjustable to media.
  • Standard color: Clear or grey-white (RAL 9002).
  • Bottom with vibration for easy discharge of package media.
  • Wrapped railing for larger commotion area and safety.
  • Level measure and weighing equipment.
  • Can be insulated with PUR-foam and sandwich construction or mineral wool and glass fiber cover for media that do not endure cooling.
  • Leakage monitoring of dangerous liquid media.
  • Can be provided with filter for dust-filled media.
  • Extra ground clearance under silo for possible mounting of extra equipment or discharge directly to truck.
  • Can be provided with a skirt for protection of bottom outlet and electronic equipment.
  • Can be lined with PP, PVDF or ECTFE for chemical resistance or for storage of foods.
  • Customisable colour according to RAL colour chart.
  • A range of stuts, implementations, manholes and discharge extractions possible.

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